Our milestones

1952 Company founded
1953 Production launch at the Baar–Ebenhausen site
1958 The first of our reprocessed products
1961 Decision to open a second site and subsequent planning
1963 Production launch at the Wenden-Gerlingen site
1969 We continue to expand our processing business
1975 Successful market launch of “Flatpad”
1981 Start-up of our first large-area stamping machine
1988 Introduction of the “Profil” product range
1990 Logistics Centre built at the Wenden-Gerlingen site
1992 New production plant opened at the Baar–Ebenhausen site
1995 Introduction of Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9002
1998 Change in Quality Management to comply with ISO 9001
1999 New Logistics centre built at the Baar–Ebenhausen site
2001 Market launch of “Polsterflex”
2001 Successful conformation of the QMS to ISO 9001 – 2000
2003 Flexipack® International’s Golden Jubilee