The Company

What is Flexipack? – Innovations in packaging!
Flexipack® is made

  • from top-quality recovered paper fibres
  • In the rotary fibre mould process
  • without the use of a mechanical drainage system.
  • made into corrugated padding material

Our strengths:

  • best padding and protective properties you can find
  • a huge variety of uses
  • multifaceted product range
  • customer requirements the absolute top priority
  • innovative product development
  • stands out for its quality features
Flexipack unkaschierte Rippe

At the moment, Flexipack® International employs 150 people at its two sites, Ebenhausen and Gerlingen, and they produce 44 million m² of Flexipack® every year.

When transporting bulky items and goods, it can cause damage. This can be easily prevented with proper and right product protection. With Flexipack profiles, you can protect these goods and its content from damage and avoid unnecessary complaints. In addition, also you can protect yourself and those around you from injury.

The profile is available in different thicknesses, length, and dimensions and easy to fix and install for any requirement.

One can see the test, the comparison between Flexipack profile and traditional protection measures, such as corrugated cardboard and plastic.

Corrugated cardboard and foam profiles protect insufficient, the wood panels.

Flexipack effectively protects the packaged item and subject matter it also erects itself and after the impact on again. Similar effect has been observed upon impact with a vertices corner and edges.

Cardboard and foam material protect the sensitive corners inadequate and even damaged themselves. Flexipack remains intact even during a fall on the sharp edge. The material (Flexipack) here is also quickly restoring the initial state. You may also discover in addition the diverse and versatile range of product spectrum Flexipack

Flexipack – Versatile protection for safe and secure transport.